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A New Post (Finally)

Ok so I’m posting this from an HP Touchpad that I got for a cool $149.

Welcome NSFWshow Viewers!

Welcome everyone from NSFWshow (and! As you can see I don’t update this blog very often if ever. In fact 23% of my “posts” (or “Articles” if I want to sound fancy) are apologies to anyone that stumbles on this website about the lack of updates. Some of you may recognize me as BobMcBob […]

Welcome! (this is not a repeat)


This is not a repeat of the last two or three “welcome” pages I have written before. I am not joking.

iPhone + dSLR = Sexy (Proven Mathmatic Formula)

I have to admit, I love Infographics. I also love Photography. And who doesn’t love awkward online photographs of people trying to hook up?

And did I mention Sex?

See inside […]


Welcome to the Madness (Sorry Seth Rogen)

Welcome to my latest endeavor. is here to be another stop on the internet for funny and interesting things. Oh, sure, you have websites like,,, and blah blah blah.

You know what I have over those websites?

See inside […]

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