Welcome NSFWshow Viewers!

Welcome everyone from NSFWshow (and Twit.tv)!

As you can see I don’t update this blog very often if ever. In fact 23% of my “posts” (or “Articles” if I want to sound fancy) are apologies to anyone that stumbles on this website about the lack of updates.

Some of you may recognize me as BobMcBob in Chatrealm. Of course unless I’ve told you that previously you wouldn’t have known that so you sir are a liar!

I’ve had several ‘shops on the show before and even more on the aftershow, and since I link them off this website I figured it is about time that I referenced them at least in some fashion. Unfortunately I don’t have time for that so you will have to wait another 6 months before I update the website and then, maybe then, I will list them all.

<> #ChatRealm Represent ! <>


Here is the link https://www.sqqid.com/nsfw-shops/


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