An Idiot (American) Abroad

Before certain people start to make comments on my Title, let me explain myself first.

I have never really left the United State before (Mexico does count when you live in California). In fact not counting airports and flying over different states, I’ve only been to 7 or 8 different states in this country. By that definition I am not too different from Karl Pilkington, or the Idiot in An Idiot Abroad.

An Idiot Abroad, or AIA as it will now be known, started off in the UK last fall as a lighthearted comedic travel show that has now made it to the shores of the US on Discovery’s amazing Science HD Channel. I say amazing because even with what little TV I watch anymore, I have probably logged about 40% of my past 2 months viewing on this exact channel.

This also means that I’ve been deluged with promos for AIA for which I’ve actually been eagerly anticipating.

Because all us Americans know is that Ricky Gervais + UK Show + Import to the US = Funny !

After now missing the Premier (doh!) but watching Episodes 2 & 3 (India & Jordan) I can definitely say that this is a good show. Not great but good, which brings me to my title of the article and my point.

While I consider myself a fairly cultured and worldly person, I still saw a reflection of my self in poor Karl. And more importantly I believe the majority of Americans are more like poor Karl whether they know it or not.

Karl is not an idiot, nor is he uncultured. While Karl has been sheltered from the corners of the world, I have no doubt that he knows quite a few Indians, and Jordanians, Chinese, Peruvians and even Mexicans (a rarity in the UK).

Because of the cultural melting-pot of today, it wasn’t until Karl stepped foot into one of these distant lands did he realize how sheltered he truly was.

That is when I realized it too.

I know this show is all about tongue-in-cheek comedy about a goofy person put into situations around the world to see him fall on his face, but I believe it is also on the Science HD Channel for a reason and not on Comedy Central.

AIA is a show about how even though we hear everyday how the world is shrinking, it’s still a large and fascinating place with different cultures and landscapes that can never be recreated on a computer screen or at your local ethnic restaurant.

It is my pick for the best “New” Show of the New Year.

Source: An Idiot Abroad on the Science HD Channel, Satuday’s @ 10pm.

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