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Welcome NSFWshow Viewers!

Welcome everyone from NSFWshow (and! As you can see I don’t update this blog very often if ever. In fact 23% of my “posts” (or “Articles” if I want to sound fancy) are apologies to anyone that stumbles on this website about the lack of updates. Some of you may recognize me as BobMcBob […]

When GaGa Attacks!

Pyramids of GaGa

Ok, I admit that I am not an architect. Shocker I know, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the design work and concept of putting something down on paper and bringing it to life.

An Idiot (American) Abroad

Before certain people start to make comments on my Title, let me explain myself first.
I have never really left the United State before (Mexico does count when you live in California). In fact not counting airports and flying over different states, I’ve only been to 7 or 8 different states in this country.

The Ultimate Movie Torrent Site?

I just came across this website from Gizmodo and I am seriously impressed. Not to imply that I was impressed with their new website. Going to Gizmodo or any of the new Gawker Network websites these days has to be one of the most frustrating and mind-numbing experiences I’ve experienced in years.

Welcome! (this is not a repeat)


This is not a repeat of the last two or three “welcome” pages I have written before. I am not joking.

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