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A New Post (Finally)

Ok so I’m posting this from an HP Touchpad that I got for a cool $149.

Welcome NSFWshow Viewers!

Welcome everyone from NSFWshow (and! As you can see I don’t update this blog very often if ever. In fact 23% of my “posts” (or “Articles” if I want to sound fancy) are apologies to anyone that stumbles on this website about the lack of updates. Some of you may recognize me as BobMcBob […]

The Ultimate Movie Torrent Site?

I just came across this website from Gizmodo and I am seriously impressed. Not to imply that I was impressed with their new website. Going to Gizmodo or any of the new Gawker Network websites these days has to be one of the most frustrating and mind-numbing experiences I’ve experienced in years.

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