iPhone + dSLR = Sexy (Proven Mathmatic Formula)

Insta-boner. Thanks Circos!

Insta-boner. Thanks Circos!

I have to admit, I love Infographics. I also love Photography. And who doesn’t love awkward online photographs of people trying to hook up?

And did I mention Sex?

Basically these guys put together a “Hot-or-Not” system and took the EXIF data from digital cameras and compared it to things like the Time Of Day, DOF (Depth of Field), and Type of Camera (dSLR, Point-and-Shoot, etc).

Basically it ends up turning into an Photography-Attraction Quotient based on all of these bits of data.

Anyways Check it out

Source Don’t Be Ugly By Accident!via OkCupid.com

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