A New Post (Finally)

Ok so I’m posting this from an HP Touchpad that I got for a cool $149.

Welcome NSFWshow Viewers!

Welcome everyone from NSFWshow (and Twit.tv)!

As you can see I don’t update this blog very often if ever. In fact 23% of my “posts” (or “Articles” if I want to sound fancy) are apologies to anyone that stumbles on this website about the lack of updates.

Some of you may recognize me as BobMcBob in Chatrealm. Of course unless I’ve told you that previously you wouldn’t have known that so you sir are a liar!

I’ve had several ‘shops on the show before and even more on the aftershow, and since I link them off this website I figured it is about time that I referenced them at least in some fashion. Unfortunately I don’t have time for that so you will have to wait another 6 months before I update the website and then, maybe then, I will list them all.

<> #ChatRealm Represent ! <>


Here is the link https://www.sqqid.com/nsfw-shops/


When GaGa Attacks!

Pyramids of GaGa

Ok, I admit that I am not an architect. Shocker I know, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the design work and concept of putting something down on paper and bringing it to life.

Today when I went to the Inhabitat (great website by the way) I was taken aback by the beautiful new Mixed Residential Use project that Bjarke Ingels (+ Group or ‘BIG’, naturally) has designed for New York City. Specifically the block of West 57th Street in Manhattan.

It’s a sliced up Pyramid.

Lady GaGa style.

Lady GaGa

The term 'Lady' is suppose to be 'Ironic'

And you know what, it works!

Whenever I see these fanciful, geometric shapes as buildings I always think of them as trying to hard to be in different that it feels off putting. It’s like the kids that show up on their first day of Jr. High with green spiked hair. We get it! You want to be seen as a non-conformist, a rebel. You want to stand out but only for the sake of Standing Out.

I think a lot of architects tend to fall into this trap quite often, and why some of them get the write-ups in all the design magazines continuously really does frighten me.

Check out Inhabitat’s write up on the W57 Project as well as Mr. Ingels website for more thoughtful designs.

Source: W57 Project via Inhabitat

An Idiot (American) Abroad

Before certain people start to make comments on my Title, let me explain myself first.

I have never really left the United State before (Mexico does count when you live in California). In fact not counting airports and flying over different states, I’ve only been to 7 or 8 different states in this country. By that definition I am not too different from Karl Pilkington, or the Idiot in An Idiot Abroad.

An Idiot Abroad, or AIA as it will now be known, started off in the UK last fall as a lighthearted comedic travel show that has now made it to the shores of the US on Discovery’s amazing Science HD Channel. I say amazing because even with what little TV I watch anymore, I have probably logged about 40% of my past 2 months viewing on this exact channel.

This also means that I’ve been deluged with promos for AIA for which I’ve actually been eagerly anticipating.

Because all us Americans know is that Ricky Gervais + UK Show + Import to the US = Funny !

After now missing the Premier (doh!) but watching Episodes 2 & 3 (India & Jordan) I can definitely say that this is a good show. Not great but good, which brings me to my title of the article and my point.

While I consider myself a fairly cultured and worldly person, I still saw a reflection of my self in poor Karl. And more importantly I believe the majority of Americans are more like poor Karl whether they know it or not.

Karl is not an idiot, nor is he uncultured. While Karl has been sheltered from the corners of the world, I have no doubt that he knows quite a few Indians, and Jordanians, Chinese, Peruvians and even Mexicans (a rarity in the UK).

Because of the cultural melting-pot of today, it wasn’t until Karl stepped foot into one of these distant lands did he realize how sheltered he truly was.

That is when I realized it too.

I know this show is all about tongue-in-cheek comedy about a goofy person put into situations around the world to see him fall on his face, but I believe it is also on the Science HD Channel for a reason and not on Comedy Central.

AIA is a show about how even though we hear everyday how the world is shrinking, it’s still a large and fascinating place with different cultures and landscapes that can never be recreated on a computer screen or at your local ethnic restaurant.

It is my pick for the best “New” Show of the New Year.

Source: An Idiot Abroad on the Science HD Channel, Satuday’s @ 10pm.

The Ultimate Movie Torrent Site?

I just came across this website from Gizmodo and I am seriously impressed. Not to imply that I was impressed with their new website. Going to Gizmodo or any of the new Gawker Network websites these days has to be one of the most frustrating and mind-numbing experiences I’ve experienced in years.

It reminds me of the last time I used a dial-up modem at a friends house out in the country. I was trying to show him this cool new website YouTube and why he should upgrade to DSL.

But I digress.

Anyways,  TorrentButler is the HTML5 mashup for iTunes and your current flavor-of-the-week Torrent website.

What is really cool is that you get a CoverFlow like browsing system with movie posters to help find and select the torrents. What I find entertaining is the fact that a lot of the posters are from around the world. So when you decide to steal from the coffers of Big Media, you can gain some worldly culture as well.

Anyways check it out before it gets DDOS’ed and eventually taken down.

Source: TorrentButler via Gizmodo (via TorrentFreak)

Welcome! (this is not a repeat)


This is not a repeat of the last two or three “welcome” pages I have written before. I am not joking.

What I mean by that is that I am very seriously committed to updating and posting here, Daily, Monday through Friday. I plan both on writing plenty of posts well in advance to fill content as trying my hardest to update the website during the day.

Since I have a very busy day job paying the bills, this is still going to be secondary to that for quite a while. So most of these daily updates will either be at ‘Lunch Time’ or when I get home, which ever comes first.

Now I do understand that I will not have any readers (besides myself) for quite some time, but if you do come across this website please comment or send me an email if there is anything you want me to talk about.

I know that’s pretty egotistical of me to think that you really Want to hear my thoughts, but I figured I would ask. Especially since I know that Your Ego will now get the best of you and make you post something anyways.

Anyways, take a look around and let me know what you think.

iPhone + dSLR = Sexy (Proven Mathmatic Formula)

Insta-boner. Thanks Circos!

Insta-boner. Thanks Circos!

I have to admit, I love Infographics. I also love Photography. And who doesn’t love awkward online photographs of people trying to hook up?

And did I mention Sex?

Basically these guys put together a “Hot-or-Not” system and took the EXIF data from digital cameras and compared it to things like the Time Of Day, DOF (Depth of Field), and Type of Camera (dSLR, Point-and-Shoot, etc).

Basically it ends up turning into an Photography-Attraction Quotient based on all of these bits of data.

Anyways Check it out

Source Don’t Be Ugly By Accident!via OkCupid.com


Welcome to the Madness (Sorry Seth Rogen)

Welcome to my latest endeavor. SQQid.com is here to be another stop on the internet for funny and interesting things. Oh, sure, you have websites like Cracked.com, Fark.com, ToplessRobot.com, and blah blah blah.

You don't want to see what I put in 'Cummerbund'

You don't want to see what I put in 'Cummerbund'

You know what I have over those websites?

I’ll tell ya, good ol’ Gumption. That’s right, I use old-timey words. I can also use an only dictionary and thesaurus.

I also spend a lot of time online everyday going through dozens of websites and I always seem to come across interesting things. Be it something funny and about to go viral, or something in regards to science or politics. I figured I can categorize and link all of these places here and share it to the world instead of hiding them away in my Bookmarks Folder.

Not only does this give me personal access to “neat things”, I can share them with the world. A good Example is the following Image below:

Sorry Seth Rogen. At least I know how you feel.


The Geek shall now inherit the popular culture; Exhibit A.

The Geek shall now inherit the popular culture; Exhibit A.

I think a lot of nerdy and awkward  guys know how he feels. We’ve all been there at one point or another, no mater how many millions of dollars we have. Oh, and Porn Star friends.

though the pictures make it look like I’m making fun of Seth Rogen, the truth is that he’s the modern day representation of modern man. No longer are we the barbarian hunter-gathers, but instead we are the equivalent of a modern day domesticated poodle. The meek shall inherit the earth, but the Geek shall now inherit the popular culture.

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